Veyond Metaverse Successfully Completes Historic Digital Surgery, Connecting Surgeon in France and Patient in Myanmar

Veyond Metaverse uses its Veyond Connect™ extended reality platform to facilitate a real-time surgery over 8,800 kilometers, bridging surgeons in Paris, France and Yangon, Myanmar. San Francisco, California, Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Veyond Metaverse, a startup harnessing extended reality (XR) technology for healthcare, has achieved an unprecedented medical …

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Meta wants to put the Metaverse to work

The company filed a patent application simply titled “Work in VR.” Meta’s intention seems to be enabling a more seamless work experience in a VR environment, tackling the privacy risks that may come with working in VR, allowing for private conferencing and figuring out interoperability problems. “Remote collaboration systems continue …

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Japan explores military metaverse for defense advancements amid shifting geopolitical landscape

Japan is intensifying its pursuit of cutting-edge defense technology in response to the complex geopolitical environment, and a military metaverse is emerging as a potentially potent tool for bolstering its armed forces against potential adversaries. In a notable step, the Japanese government released the Defense Technology Guidelines 2023 in June, …

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