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‘I got it hot!’ Denrele speaks on his kiss with Charly Boy, other scandals



‘I got it hot!’ Denrele speaks on his kiss with Charly Boy, other scandals

Popular Nigerian entertainer and media practitioner, Denrele Edun who sits at the center of gravity of Nigeria’s entertainment is the guest on this new edition of Lunch Date with Vanguard.

On the show, the 41-year-old entertainer recounted his lifelong stories; cost of fame in the entertainment industry and specifically spoke extensively about never heard truths on the storm over his controversial ‘kiss’ with Charly Boy.

Speaking on the controversial ‘kiss’ with Charly Boy, he said it was one the biggest controversies in his career. He disclosed that the scandal affected his image in the public – he received backlash from his extended family, got excommunicated from the church, and didn’t also find it easy at his workplace.

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The controversy also affected him as people hurled insults such as husband snatcher, home wrecker, and many annoying remarks at him in public.

”I don’t think anyone has gotten it hot in terms of scandal and bad publicity, I got it hot at that period. They seized my luggage and immigration didn’t allow me to pass through because of that publication, vendors were selling the publication at the airport and everybody chased me,” says Denrele.

I revolutionalised red carpet culture in Nigeria, I’m not a crossdresser

“You can’t rubbish the portfolio of work of someone who has been acting, modeling, and revolutionalized the red carpet culture in Nigeria” Denrele

I am not a crossdresser, Denrele distances self from Bobrisky, James Brown

The highly fashionable tv host corrected the notion that he inspired popular crossdressers such as Bobrisky, James Brown, and a plethora of others.

The fashion icon said the comparisons made no sense and stated that he isn’t a social media sensation as his fame wasn’t a result of social media influence but a result of hard work and dedication.

Denrele said he has been in the industry since 1994- before the advent of the internet. He appreciates the influx of young and adventurous creatives in this generation that has carved a niche for themselves through brand presentation, social media influence, and leverage on the internet but states that there is a wide margin between him and them.

He said: “You can’t rubbish the portfolio of work of someone who has been acting, modeling, and revolutionalized the red carpet culture in Nigeria”

Cost of fame

Denrele Edun, revealed how intending candidates for Big Brother Nigeria, BBNaija, pressure him with monetary offers and, sometimes, send him their nude pictures to make him help them participate in the biggest reality TV show in Africa.

He, however, lamented that most of the young men and women wishing to participate in the popular TV show do not even know why or what they want to do on the show.

Denrele, who made the revelation on Vanguard’s TV show, ‘Lunch Date with Vanguard‘ stated that he was instrumental in securing spots for some of the BBNaija housemates.

His words: “I get a lot of nudes from people who want to go for BBNaija. I get all kinds of monetary offers. I have gotten N100m, N50m, N30m offers and I tell people go and do something reasonable with your money.

“So, let’s just say if you don’t have a Denrele in your life that can help you rediscover yourself or help you get to the next level and give you direction to help you navigate your way through life, then what are you looking for?

“Go and find a Denrele. Away from that, yes! I have been instrumental to a lot of these things. It is what it is. I’m at the industry’s centre of gravity.

“Let’s just say I know people in the right places. When they ask you, tell them to come and meet me.”

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