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You should have walked away, Fisayo Soyombo lectures Bosun Tijani

A popular investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo, has also joined other Nigerians in the trending issue surrounding the nomination of Bosun Tijani as a ministerial nominee.

Recall that President Bola Tinubu, who is an APC member, included the name of an #ENDSARS apologist and a ferocious anti-APC politician, Tijani, in the list submitted to the National Assembly for confirmation as a minister.

In his own opinion, the founder of the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, FIJ, believes there are two lessons involved in the controversy: the need to be mindful of what is put out on social media and the ability to be ready to walk away.

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Fisayo Soyombo, Editor-In-Chief, FIJ, bosun tijani
Fisayo Soyombo, Editor-In-Chief, FIJ

“On Bosun Tijani.

“Only one side of the coin has been painted so far: “Be mindful of what you say/write on social media.”

“That’s just one side.

“The other side is, be ready to walk away. YES.

“Personally, I would never refer to senators as “morons”, and I would never accept to work for any government I have so harshly criticised on social media (I have had the opportunity thrice, and I said ‘no’ each time).

“However, I do realise that I may also have said/written things on social media that other people wouldn’t. And, if any of them comes back to haunt me, I’ll walk away.

“So, yes, while you should be mindful of what you write/say on social media, remember as well that they can only be used against you to the extent of your wants, needs or gratifications.

“The real question is, are you willing or able to walk away?” he wrote.

On this, Oluwafemi (@MAGNUS_Hartorz) asked: If one’s criticism is directed at the way things are done and one gets the opportunity to do it the ‘right way, don’t you think one should take the opportunity? Else, we will all be stagnant at the criticism level.

Soyombo replied: But calling senators “morons” is not “criticism directed “at the way things are done”; it’s criticism directed at the people doing it. It’s the same as past attacks on Tinubu.

Do you support Soyombo’s opinion. Let us have your takes in the comment section

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