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18 businesses sever ties with Diddy’s e-commerce venture amidst abuse allegations (Video)

18 businesses have decided to terminate their associations with Diddy’s newly launched e-commerce company, Empower Global, following the surfacing of abuse allegations against the hip-hop mogul.

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The entrepreneur, whose real name is Sean Combs, recently ventured into the e-commerce space, aiming to create a thriving platform for various businesses.

However, the revelation of abuse allegations appears to have prompted a swift and collective response from 18 businesses, leading to the termination of their relationships with Diddy’s venture.

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The details surrounding the abuse allegations are still emerging, but the impact on Diddy’s business endeavors is already palpable.

The businesses choosing to distance themselves from the e-commerce platform are making a clear statement about their commitment to ethical business practices and their stance against any association with individuals facing serious allegations.

The development has sparked discussions not only about the specific abuse allegations but also about the broader implications for celebrities entering the business realm.

Diddy, known for his success in the music and entertainment industry, faces a challenging moment as the fallout from these allegations affects his recent foray into e-commerce.

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