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‘Are you still alive?’ Elon Musk says anyone above 70 be barred from running for public office


‘Are you still alive?’ Elon Musk says anyone above 70 be barred from running for public office

When it comes to social media and Musk’s work, he is extremely active on his Twitter account, which has 65.4 million followers.

His latest tweet attracted a lot of attention and opened countless questions.

He wrote on his Twitter account, “Let’s set an age limit after which you will not be able to run for political office, maybe a figure just under 70.”

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This tweet raises countless questions and raises the question of whether this is a direct insult to incumbent President Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump, who are over 70 years old?

Although no names were mentioned in Elon’s tweet, there are insinuations that these are some of the aforementioned public figures.

Earlier, Elon had a public debate on Twitter with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, where the senator tweeted that extremely wealthy Americans should “pay their fair share,” to which Elon tweeted, “I keep forgetting you’re still alive.”

Interestingly, Senator Bernie Sanders is 80 years old. Does Elon have anything against people over the age of 80 holding public office?

His tweet is a reference to just that, in relation to public office holders although he did not mention any names. In the United States, the minimum age for running for president is 35, but there is currently no upper age limit. It remains to be seen whether Elon’s tweet will change anything about the age limit for running for public office and why that would happen.

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