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ccc worldwide, freelanews, olorunishola, usa dioceses
ccc worldwide, freelanews, olorunishola, usa dioceses

‘Over my dead body!’ CCC Worldwide says VSE Olorunishola forgiven, not restored

Following a letter of apology from VSE Joseph Olorunnishola to Pastor EMF Oshoffa, a meeting was arranged for VSE Olorunnishola to apologize in person to the Spiritual Head and Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

In a statement made available to Freelanews, the meeting took place at the New York Parish, Brooklyn before the CCC 75th Anniversary Service of the Founding of Celestial Church of Christ on September 29th.

VSE Olorunnishola was at the meeting with five of his elders and the USA diocese was also represented by total of six elders.

Chiefly at the meeting, presided by the Pastor EMF Oshoffa, and sitting on the high table with Pastor were the Pastor’s head of Administration Worldwide, VSE S.F. Adeniyi and the Head of USA Diocese, VSE Olaitan Balogun.

Also at the meeting were the HOD deputies VSE Solomon Yusuf and Sup. Evg. Ayo Homer-Williams. AVSE Kehinde Akano, Sup. Evg Oluwafemi Sanyaolu, and Sup. Evg. Felix Oziegbe.

Present at the meeting with VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was; Sup. Evg. Yomi Dodo Williams, Sup Evg. Victor Adewusi, MSE Sam Adebayo, Sup. Evg. Timothy Olatokun and Sup Evg Badmus.

In the meeting lasted over 4 hours, Pastor EMF Oshoffa reiterated the need for peace and oneness in the diocese while VSE Joseph Olorunnishola prostrated to apologise to the spiritual head.

It was also revealed that everybody in the meeting also prostrated alongside VSE Olorunnishola for total forgiveness and spirit of oneness, while he was asked to explain himself.

VSE Olorunnishola stated that he did not do anything wrong as he was simply carrying out the decision made by his then executive council members in the infamous March 5, 2021 memorandum of 7-Point Demand and Declaration of Independence notably from Pastor EMF Oshoffa.

Superior Evangelist Homer Williams, Superior Evangelist Akande and Superior Evangelist Oziegbe all indicated their efforts at urging VSE Joseph Olorunnishola to rescind the letter as requested by the Pastor. But VSE Olorunnishola blatantly refused and responded to each of the above peace makers with a common “over my dead body”.

The embattled evangelist then requested to still be in control of the parishes under his leadership.

“You’ll have to come to Nigeria for further discussions while I will consult with the elders of the church in Nigeria,” Revd Oshoffa suggested but VSE Olorunnishola responded that that he didn’t have the grace to travel to the country.

It was then agreed that the embattled evangelist would call the spiritual head when he returns back to Nigeria.

In his own contribution, Superior Evangelist Sanyaolu said that for true peace and truce, VSE Olorunnishola has to withdraw all his court cases with the USA diocese because the latter is not the owner of Celestial Church of Christ in America. SE Sanyaolu added that Revrd Oshoffa is both the spiritual and administrative head of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide as per the constitution.

However, it was gathered that a small skirmishes ensured at the end of the meeting.

The adamant VSE Olorunnishola, while walking away, said the status quo remains of which the Pastor did not respond.

He was immediately asked by some representatives of the diocese to take back his false conclusion of the meeting that “the status quo remains”.

“VSE Joseph Olorunnishola, in his own mind, falsely concluded that the status quo remains, which perhaps could be his primary objective for coming to the meeting and thereby creating some form of legitimacy.

“VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was forgiven by the pastor but not restored.

“It is our prayer that the spirit of arrogance and disobedience will be cast away in our midst. And the owner of His church will continue to uphold and strengthen His church, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!” the statement read.

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