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‘Truckload of loved ones’ Man with 33kids, 22 baby mama goes viral on social media


‘Truckload of loved ones’ Man with 33kids, 22 baby mama goes viral on social media

Welcome Demond George, a 30 year old Texas truck driver who reportedly has 33 children – by 20 different babys mamas.

Demond is currently going viral all across social media, after he posted a photoshoot on Facebook, where both he and all his children wore a “Legend” t-shirt. In the post, Demond wrote, “A Mother that Created her Son & He Created His Own Legacy🖤 The Legend & His Legacy 🖤”

And if you think that’s a lot of kids in the photo – he actually has MORE. There are only 24 kids in the photo and Demond told his followers that 9 of his children could not make it to the photo shoot. Social media reports seen by Media Take Out say that the mothers of those 9 children, “did not want to take part in the f**kery.”


Here’s the Facebook post that went viral:

The photos showed at least 7 of the children all appear to be between the ages or 2 and three. Meaning that at one point Desmond likely had 7 women pregnant at the same time.

We know what you’re wondering – how does Desmond afford to pay for 33 children. Well he answered those questions. In a video post on Facebook the father of 33 yelled at the audience and blasted followers for criticizing his life choices.

After being criticized for having kids irresponsibly, the man went live on Facebook to hit out at his critics.

He said to his critics, “I aint weak. I just don’t pull out. I don’t pull out. I ain’t trying to pull out.”

And as for child support, Desmond explained that he “doesn’t pay a lot” because according to the father of 33, he “tells his babys mama’s he’s broke.”

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