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Adron Homes stands in solidarity for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research Month

Adron Homes, a prominent real estate company, has embraced the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness and Research Month, standing in solidarity with the global campaign to raise awareness about this devastating disease.

October marks the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for collective action and support in the fight against breast cancer. Adron Homes is committed to championing women’s wellness, using its platform to educate, screen, and create awareness.

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The breast cancer awareness and examination program, a brainchild of Olori Aderonke EmmanuelKing, the Executive Director of Finance at Adron Homes, has become a tradition in Adron Homes’ Pink Month schedule. This significant event offers Adron Homes’ staff across the country an opportunity to receive expert screening, wellness education, and comprehensive examinations.

At this year’s event, held at the company’s head office in partnership with PinkClinic Nigeria, hundreds of women from Adron Homes’ workforce were informed, screened, and empowered to join the global crusade against breast cancer. Dr. Linda Keku of PinkClinic, a specialist in female reproductivity, addressed the participants, explaining that breast cancer is a genetic abnormality often linked to aging and life’s wear and tear.

Dr. Keku emphasized the risk factors for breast cancer, including obesity, diet, physical activity, stress, radiation exposure, cancer history, hormones, and genetics. She encouraged participants to prioritize their health by adopting a good health plan, including monthly self-examinations, clinical breast examinations, and mammograms.

Breast cancer is a global concern, with millions of new cases diagnosed annually. Early detection remains a cornerstone in improving survival rates, underscoring the importance of regular self-examinations and mammograms. The collective plea from Adron Homes is for women to place their health and well-being at the forefront, not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month but throughout the year.

In 2023, breast cancer continues to impact lives worldwide, with statistics revealing that one in eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. To address this, research and awareness campaigns play a pivotal role. Adron Homes is committed to supporting the fight against breast cancer, celebrating survivors, and remembering those lost to the disease.

Breast cancer does not discriminate based on age, race, or socioeconomic status, and that’s why Adron Homes dedicates resources to the cause each October. The company acknowledges the sobering statistics, recognizing that early detection is vital. Regular self-examinations and mammograms are essential tools for monitoring breast health and identifying anomalies for early treatment.

The commitment of Adron Homes to breast cancer awareness extends beyond wearing pink; it’s about taking tangible steps to make a difference. The real estate company encourages collective efforts to stand against breast cancer, one step, one examination, and one act of solidarity at a time.

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