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‘Ectopic pregnancy’ Medical expert reveals all you need to know about Postinor, peeing after s3x

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‘Ectopic pregnancy’ Medical expert reveals all you need to know about Postinor, peeing after s3x

Postinor is an emergency contraceptive to prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

The drug contains what is known as Levonorgestrel, which is a hormonal medication used in a number of birth control methods. It is combined with an estrogen to make combination birth control pills. As an emergency birth control, sold under the brand name Plan B among others, it is useful within 72 hours.

While in a group discussion monitored by Freelanews on the importance of peeing after an unprotected sex, a medical practitioner, Dr. Lydia Ajibade, revealed one of the disadvantages of using Postinor as means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.


Dr. Lydia Ajibade, a medical practitioner


According to the doctor, it is erroneously believed that peeing after sex prevents Urinary Tract Infection, UTI, and unwanted pregnancy.

“Well, peeing after sex may not prevent UTI but can reduce the risk, especially in females. This is because female urethra is close to the vaginal and anus.

“During sex, there is possibility of the spread of some bacteria in the vulva. Hence, this can cause urinary tract infections which can be reduced by urinating immediately after sex.

“However, the risk of getting pregnant remains intact and is dependent on the ovulation period of the lady in question. Because for each round of sex, once a complete man ejaculates, nothing less than 40millions of sperm would be released into the woman’s vaginal and only one is needed to fertilize the released egg/ovum of the lady.

“Obviously, no amount of urination can remove all the said sperm completely from the vaginal. The very best way to go about it is to have protected sex or use emergency contraception,” she wrote.

Dr. Ajibade also explained that emergency contraception has nothing to do with condoms.

“Using condom is a way of having “protected sex” but emergency contraception is used after having an unprotected sex that may lead to unwanted pregnancy.

“But drugs can be taking within 72hours of having such sex,” she submitted.

When asked if the use of drug to prevent unwanted pregnancy is safe for the womb, the doctor responded that it is not 100%.

“Nothing is 100% but it depends on the right dose, the right time. For example if postinor is taken after 72hours of having sex, there’s possibility of such a woman having ectopic pregnancy.”


Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is one in which the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus. The fertilised egg can’t survive outside the uterus. If left to grow, it may damage nearby organs and cause life-threatening loss of blood.

“Because fertilization had taken place and the zygote formed is already on its way from the tube to the womb, so it stops moving and may keep growing in the tube until it starts leaking or rupture. However that is one out of multiple causes of ectopic pregnancy,” the doctor revealed while explaining why Postinor could be responsible for ectopic pregnancy.

According to the medical practitioner, other factors that could lead to ectopic pregnancy include cigarette smoking and surgical scars.

“Ectopic pregnancy can be caused by a damaged fallopian tube; maybe due to persistent or recurrent poorly treated infection. It could keep the fertilized egg from getting into the uterus where implantation takes place.

“Others include Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), cigarette smoking, age above 35 years, surgical scars and previous history of ectopic pregnancy,” she stated.

Tubal ligation or tubal ligation reversal, use of fertility drugs and accidental pregnancy with intrauterine device (IUD) in situ were also listed as some of the causes of ectopic pregnancy.

On the effects of ectopic pregnancy on the unborn child and the mother before delivery and at the point of delivery, a forum member, Nana Antwi responded:

The woman cannot give birth to the child na. It would have ruptured and it can’t grow.

Asked how soon a woman can know her pregnancy is ectopic and if it could be corrected or pushed back into its right place through some form of surgery, Dr. Ajibade agreed with Nana when the latter listed below as the signs the woman will notice.


Nana Antwi, a business woman

“Well, I don’t know if it can be corrected, but she will know because she will be spotting (like bleeding). It’s very dangerous for the woman too, hence, a surgery would be done immediately to save her life,” Nana wrote.

Dr. Ajibade added, “She can know as soon as she misses her period and pregnancy test is positive. This is revealed by scan. It can not be corrected but can be removed either by medications (if discovered early) or surgery.

“It is an emergency case.”

On the possibility of the woman’s ability to conceive successfully again after such surgery, the doctor revealed that it is possible on a condition.

“Every woman has two Fallopian tubes and if an ectopic had occurred in one, the other can still be used to conceive as long as it is patent,” she stated.

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