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Everdome makes a metaverse landing on Mars

The Dubai based interplanetary metaverse project Everdome announces its first landing on their digitally reimagined Mars, as they take as their 500,000 strong community & partners including OKX, Pierre Gasly and Alfa Romeo F1 Team, to their new web3 civilization on the Red Planet.

Since its inception in early 2022, Everdome has been steadily building a metaverse project promising immersive hyper-reality experiences in visuals and storytelling.

This Mars landing follows on from their first rocket launch experience at the end of 2022, and represents the completion of the first layer of their metaverse destination.

The heart of the Everdome story is a journey from a near-future spaceport, located in the United Arab Emirates at the picturesque Hatta mountains, from where their web3 pioneers will embark first to their interplanetary spaceship ‘’Everdome Cycler’’ and then onwards to a new outpost for humanity on Mars.

The Mars landing stage will see Everdome landholders and NFT holders complete their journey to Mars by taking part in a descent to the Martian surface in the ‘’Everdome Phoenix;’’ rockets, which detach from the ‘’Everdome Cycler’’orbiting Mars.

They will first land at Jezero Spaceport, before enjoying some majestic Mars scenery as they ride across the planet’s surface on the Mars Magnetic Rail, heading for Everdome City.

Everdome’s city on Mars is placed in Jezero Crater, a location chosen by NASA for its contemporary space missions. Once arriving in Everdome city, the pioneering Evernauts will now be able to experience the city headquarters, including first looks at their AI powered heart of the city, the Tree of Life.

The city includes various land plots in six distinct districts, all offering specific possibilities for related brands, businesses, personalities and individuals to engage with old and new audiences alike in immersive experiences previously impossible in the confines of web2.

This Mars landing is the culmination of months of creation and development, and represents the completion of Everdome’s first stage of their live metaverse interplanetary experience. More information on the Mars landing, and the Everdome project can be found here.

Jeremy Lopez, Everdome CEO said: ‘’Our first landing on Mars represents a huge milestone for our project, marking the beta launch of our extraordinary metaverse experience. Now we work to improve metaverse accessibility and increase engagement to reach wider audiences.’’

Scheduled for October 28th 2023, this pioneering interplanetary metaverse experience is just the start for Everdome, as they work on a series of products aimed to increase the accessibility and adoption of metaverse and web3 technology.

About Everdome

Everdome is creating the most hyper-realistic metaverse experience. Bringing brands and users together in a digital-life meets real-world experience, all with the purpose of interconnecting the digital and physical worlds seamlessly – ultimately creating the most realistic web3 experience.

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