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‘Is he dyslexic?’ Cross engages Nini in heated altercation, reveals he has disorder, breaks downs in tears, (Video)

After a verbal confrontation with his co-housemate, Nini, BBNaija: Shine Ya Eye housemate Cross was seen weeping in the yard.

The two had a fight this morning, according to reports. Although the cause of the arguement is unknown, the saga began when Cross informed Nini, who is on toilet duty today, that she should wait until everyone had had a bath before cleaning the toilet.

Nini, on the other hand, ordered Cross to wait until she was through scrubbing the toilet. She also mentioned that some of the housemates wash the toilet before everyone takes a bath, and Cross has never complained.

Cross questioned if she was “stupid” which made her flare up and lambasted him for calling her stupid when “he is the dumbest person in the house”.

She claims, Cross has a “pea-sized brain,” which everyone in the home is aware of, but they’ve been ignoring his folly.

The dispute rapidly escalated, and other housemates were forced to interfere.

Cross appeared to be touched by the remarks, as he proceeded to the garden to scream his eyes out. Angel rushed to him and soothed him with calming words after Whitemoney tried to console him.

Cross then reveals he his dyslexic, in his words;

“I’m not crying because of what she said to me, though it hurts me. I’m crying because you said I’m not all of these things she said.

“I don’t like how I’m feeling, I’m messed up right now. I know a lot of people are smarter than me, I have dyslexia.

“Nine out of ten people are smarter than me academically. I’m 31-year-old and most part of my life I tried as much as possible to get by academically.

“I didn’t know I was dyslexic till my cousin pointed it out and it’s sad to see that part of me, but that’s life.” Cross revealed.

Dyslexia is a disorder that involves difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but it does not affect general intelligence.

Recall that one of BBNaija’s ‘Shine ya eye’ task has been mental disorder and this new revelation for one of the housemate is not such a far cry. This only further portrays that the show’s impact apart from entertaining could be as well educative as it creates awareness for such situations.

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