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Lagos State Task Force debunks involvement in Gbagada tragedy, emphasizes adherence to traffic rules

The Lagos State Task Force has vehemently denied allegations suggesting their involvement in the car chase incident that resulted in a tragic accident, claiming the lives of two LAWMA officials at Gbagada axis.

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Addressing the media, Chairman CSP Shola Jejeloye stressed the agency’s innocence in the unfortunate incident and called for an end to speculations.

Jejeloye clarified that no Task Force official was engaged in the pursuit of a suspected traffic offender along the Gbagada axis, leading to the fatal crash.

Expressing deep regret over the loss of lives, he emphasized the agency’s belief that a traffic offense should not escalate to a criminal offense, and offenders should be allowed to leave the scene without risking chaos on the road.

Contrary to widespread speculations, Jejeloye disclosed that none of the Taskforce officials was assigned to traffic enforcement on the fateful Monday morning.

Instead, they were deployed to Ile-Zik, Dopemu, and Ikeja to maintain law and order during the NURTW protest. He clarified that the vehicle and occupants involved in the chase were not in Task Force uniform.

“Investigation is ongoing to uncover those involved in this terrible incident. Anyone found culpable will be made to answer for his crime. The alleged motorist who evaded arrest and knocked down these two innocent workers will also be tried and prosecuted,” Jejeloye assured, highlighting the agency’s commitment to justice in the age of social media scrutiny.

The chairman called for calm among Lagosians and urged citizens to let the law take its full course. He emphasized that justice would be served, leaving no stone unturned until all parties involved in the heinous crime face prosecution. Jejeloye condemned any overzealous officer who jeopardizes the safety and security of Lagosians in the name of apprehending a traffic offender, pledging severe consequences for such actions.

As a parting note, Jejeloye urged all Lagosians to adhere strictly to traffic rules and regulations set by the State Government. He emphasized that these rules are in place to maintain order on the roads, reduce accidents, and ensure a safer and more efficient transportation system for all.

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