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Maltina, Amstel Malta Launch campaign to discourage alcohol consumption during pregnancy

In a bid to address a growing societal concern and contribute to the well-being of mothers and unborn children, Nigerian Breweries Plc has launched the ‘Mission Nine Zero’ campaign through its brands Maltina and Amstel Malta.

This advocacy campaign aims to discourage alcohol consumption by pregnant women and raise awareness about the potential dangers it poses to the health of both the mother and the unborn child.

The campaign, unveiled as part of Heineken’s ‘Brew a Better World’ strategy (BaBW), focuses on addressing pressing social and environmental challenges. The ‘Mission Nine Zero’ initiative is designed to tackle the rising rate of alcohol misuse during pregnancy, to achieve zero cases of alcohol-related harm to unborn children.

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Speaking at the flag-off of the campaign, Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, highlighted the importance of collective action against societal concerns. He emphasized that the campaign is not only targeted at pregnant women but is a call to the broader community to contribute to the well-being of both mothers and children.

Essaadi stated, “This year, we continue to consolidate our existing BaBW initiatives by introducing Mission Nine-Zero, which is aimed at curbing the detrimental effects of alcohol misuse, notably among pregnant women. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy has serious health effects on children, which could affect the quality of life they will live.”

The ‘Mission Nine Zero’ campaign seeks to engage 500 direct advocates and reach 50,000 pregnant women through the platforms of the Amstel Malta and Maltina brands. It emphasizes the need for collective responsibility to ensure the delivery of healthy babies while safeguarding the health of mothers.

Sade Morgan, Corporate Affairs Director at Nigerian Breweries Plc, shared insights into the prevalence of alcohol abuse during pregnancy. Studies have shown that the South-West region accounts for 12.7% of cases, while 59% of pregnant women in the South-South region consume alcohol. The campaign aims to address and reduce these alarming statistics through targeted advocacy and awareness programs.

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