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Nigerian Representatives Call for Urgent Action: Declare a State of Emergency on Malaria

The House of Representatives in Nigeria has called upon the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency regarding the malaria crisis that continues to afflict the nation. The primary recommendation includes making malaria drugs affordable or even free at all government health centres, effectively combating the escalating threat posed by this disease.

Chairing the House Committee on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Control, Amobi Godwin Ogar delivered this crucial appeal during the inaugural committee meeting held on Thursday. Ogar expressed deep concern over the relentless surge in malaria infections in the country, leaving many Nigerians grappling with the disease while struggling to afford the necessary medication.

One of the alarming issues Ogar addressed is the widespread proliferation of counterfeit and sub-standard malaria drugs within Nigeria. This poses a grave threat to public health, and the committee has pledged to identify the sources of such drugs and impose severe penalties on those responsible. It is a stern warning to those involved in the production and distribution of counterfeit and sub-standard malaria medications that they will have no refuge from the law under the committee’s vigilant watch.

Furthermore, Ogar’s committee has pledged to conduct a thorough examination of the operations and processes of the Global Fund in relation to its role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This initiative aims to enhance the effectiveness of interventions and strengthen the mechanisms employed to combat HIV/AIDS within Nigeria.

This move by the House of Representatives underscores the pressing need to address the escalating malaria crisis in the country. By calling for the subsidization or even the provision of free malaria drugs at government health centres, the government is taking a significant step towards improving the healthcare and well-being of its citizens. Additionally, the commitment to eradicate counterfeit and sub-standard malaria drugs is a vital measure to ensure the safety and effectiveness of malaria treatment in Nigeria.

The House of Representatives has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to the health and welfare of the Nigerian population, signalling a strong desire to confront and combat the malaria epidemic head-on.

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