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There is nothing like Christian marriage in the Bible, cleric says (Video)

A video featuring a Christian pastor challenging the traditional concept of “Christian marriage” has gone viral, sparking widespread debate and raising questions about the scriptural relevance of weddings in Christian faith.

In the video, the pastor boldly asserts that there nothing like Christian marriage in the Bible when questioned about the scriptural basis for weddings.

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“There is no Christian marriage; marriage is culture. So whether you marry in the church, in the mosque, in the shrine, marriage is marriage.

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“That is why the Bible doesn’t have a scripture on wedding because wedding is traditional marriage for white people. But we Africans, the way we are; after we’ve done our own traditional marriage, we now carry white people’s traditional marriage and attach it. So we do two traditional marriages,” he said.

The clip has since circulated on various social media platforms, triggering a wave of reactions from viewers and raising concerns within religious communities.

The pastor, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, challenges the commonly held belief that Christian marriage is a sacred institution guided by specific biblical principles.

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