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Parents reveal motive behind killing of bus driver by kidnappers in Ekiti state

The parents of the recently freed schoolchildren from Apostolic Faith Group of Schools, Emure-Ekiti, Ekiti State, have disclosed the harrowing details behind the killing of the bus driver, Taiwo Olugbaye, by the kidnappers.

In a candid revelation to newsmen, the parents shed light on the tragic events that unfolded during the children’s captivity. According to one of the parents, the kidnappers’ actions were triggered by their demand for the phone numbers of relatives of each of the children.

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“The children told us that they (kidnappers) asked for the phone number of relatives to call from each of them in the forest,” shared one parent. “This made them angry, and they hit him with their gun.”

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The driver, Taiwo Olugbaye, endured excruciating pain from the injury sustained for five days. Sadly, his suffering came to a tragic end on Saturday morning when he was shot dead, and his body was mercilessly burnt to ashes.

The parents expressed profound sorrow and anguish over the horrifying experience their children endured, particularly witnessing the brutal killing of the driver. The incident has left an indelible mark on the young minds, evoking fear and trauma among the children.

The revelation underscores the terrifying ordeal faced by the schoolchildren and teachers during their captivity and highlights the ruthlessness of the kidnappers. The parents’ account serves as a stark reminder of the grave threat posed by insecurity and the urgent need for effective measures to safeguard lives and ensure the safety of communities.

As investigations continue into the kidnapping incident and the tragic death of the bus driver, the community remains united in mourning and calls for justice for the victims.

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