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‘African magic’ Moment robbers drop note for victim after robbery


‘African magic’ Moment robbers drop note for victim after robbery

A woman revealed on social media how she woke up and discovered that her house had been burgled by armed robbers who wouldn’t leave without dropping a note.

The robbers after carrying out what they were there to do left behind a note to apologise for having stolen the victim’s properties. They revealed in the note that they wished the owner of the belongings more progress and they were sorry.

The Nigerian woman took to social media to disclose her ordeal which she likened to “things that happen in African Magic.”

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According to her, from the time the robbers broke into her house through to the carrying away of all her belongings, she was still fast asleep and did not notice anything until she woke up the next morning.

“So, the things that happen in African Magic happened to me Last night.

“I was robbed, I woke up to everything being taken away, like my house is so empty and I was still sleeping whilst this was going on. Even the dog didn’t bark,” the woman identified on Twitter as SISI-ICECREAM revealed.

What makes the alleged incident intriguing was SISI-ICECREAM’s claim that the robbers, after accomplishing their criminal mission, left a note to apologise to her for the crime they have perpetrated against her.

“They even dropped a note,” she wrote to caption a photo of the apology note which reads: “Am so sorry, more progress.”

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