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‘I smell rat’ UBA deletes evidence as bank refuses to reverse N4.2m failed transfer


‘I smell rat’ UBA deletes evidence as bank refuses to reverse N4.2m failed transfer

Timilehin Amoo, an Ondo-based business owner, has accused the United Bank for Africa (UBA) of failing to take responsibility for a failed transaction of N4.2 million that took place on his business account.

Amoo told FIJ that he transferred N2.1 million three times to a client on April 30 but the recipient received only N2.1 million once, while the bank debited him N6.3 million.

He said immediately after he sent the money, his client informed him that he had received only N2.1 million.


“I called my account officer immediately after my client notified me of the situation. She said she would find out what had happened the following Monday,” Amoo told FIJ.

Amoo said when he called his account officer the following Monday, she promised to call him back later that day but she never did until three weeks later.

He visited the UBA branch in Akale, Akure, to register his displeasure, but they claimed to have reversed his money, Amoo said.

“I told them that the money they claimed to have reversed was yet to reflect in my account. For proof, I then asked them to print the statement of account for me to see if they had reversed it,” he said.

“I smelt a rat after seeing the statement of account. There was no transaction for April 30 on the statement. Surprised, I checked my mobile app to search for the transactions I initiated on April 30, but they had wiped everything off.”

He said he called the attention of the staffers to it.

“That day, I told them to transfer the account from the UBA branch in Akale, Akure, to the one in Ojodu Berger, Lagos,” he recalled.

“It took them three weeks before they transferred the account. Even worse is that my account officer never acknowledged the mail I sent to UBA Akale, requesting a transfer of my account.”

He said he visited the Ojodu Berger branch of the bank two days ago to find out if they had rectified the issue, but they had yet to.

Amoo said the bank asked him to give them 11 working days to sort the issue out. But as the days went by, nothing positive happened.

“About 8:20 pm two days ago, I got an indemnity form from UBA. They asked me to sign the form to exonerate them of the damages I might want to claim,” he said.

“I asked the bank why they sent me an indemnity form if they were sure there was no fraudulent activity on my account.”

“One of their customer representatives called me but couldn’t explain everything. He had to hand the phone over to his boss. Like him, the boss had no explanation for what had happened.

“I have been dragging this on and on, and they have yet to reverse my money. My business is crumbling and my reputation is on the line. People are on my neck.”

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