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‘They assaulted me!’ Racist woman attacks black joggers, calls 911 [video]


‘They assaulted me!’ Racist woman attacks black joggers, calls 911 [video]

Yet another video of a woman being racist towards black people has gone viral, this time documenting a California beach encounter in which a woman allegedly used the n-word when referring to three black women who were jogging nearby.

The three friends, identified only by their first names, Brittany, Jessyka and Raquel, said they were jogging along the Dockweiler State Beach when a woman nearby used racial slurs against them and told them that “black lives don’t matter, your life doesn’t matter, you need to go back to Africa”.

The three friends jogged by, but decided when they saw her again on their way back to confront her about the alleged verbal assault.


“I thought, ‘I have to expose this,’ so I actually caught up to her and was like ‘tell me again what you said,’” Brittany told ABC7. “And that’s when I started recording and she just continued.”

Jessyka said that she’d never experienced that level of racism before.

“A direct attack in our face has never happened before and this was a good reminder that this does happen and it is right there in our faces,” she said.

One of the women began filming the encounter. The woman in the video can be heard saying “you guys are so violent, you Africans are so f****** violent.”

The woman then tells the friends that she is going to call the police and tell them that the friends had assaulted her.

“I’m calling the police. This woman just hit me. Guys, this woman just accosted me,” she said, seemingly to no one.

“I can’t believe you, you guys are just so violent,” she said. “You’re an African right? I’m trying to give a description, why are you so offended by the fact that you’re an African?” she asks.

When Brittany asked her why she used the n-word earlier, the woman responds “You’re an African?”

“So an African is a n*****?” Brittany responded.

The woman then claimed Brittany was trying to “put words in her mouth”.

The woman puts her phone up to her ear, seemingly without dialling, and begins to talk.

“Hello police? A woman just accosted me, this woman just violently attacked me,” she said.

Brittany then calls the woman a “Karen“ for calling her the n-word.

The woman then tells the police that Brittany isn’t wearing a face mask, despite not wearing a mask herself.

“She’s not keeping six-feet away from me,” the woman said. “And she f****** attacked me from behind,” she said.

At that point, the woman gets the attention of an individual passing by on a bike and tells them that Brittany tried to attack her from behind.

Brittany then tells the bystander that the woman “called me the n-word, called me a black African, told me to go back to Africa.”

“She told me she would get me a flight … the cheapest flight back to Africa, because you’re Mexican and you own this place, right?” Brittany said.

The woman interrupts her and tells Brittany “You are a black African, now stay the f*** away from me.”

When Brittany tells the woman she’s being ignorant, the woman responds that she is not, and that she is actually “cognisant as f***,” before telling Brittany that “you’re the virus.”

As Brittany is explaining to the cyclist why she is filming the encounter, the woman can be heard talking into her phone, asking for assistance.

“I need a paramedic. I need an ambulance. I – my environment has been harmed by this African black person,” she said. “Yes, I’ve been harmed by the environment this African has created. This African. Black lives, black lies.”

The cyclist then gets involved and tells the woman she had not been attacked and tells her “you are not good.”

Following the confrontation, the three friends filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department. Police said the woman in the video also made a report, but it is unclear if the report was made during or after the confrontation.

“What we’re hoping to leave people with is that encouragement to confront the hate and racism that they see in their inner circles,” Raquel said. “It’s unfortunate that people still feel this way but it can’t be on people of colour alone to fix.”

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