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Ugandan politician, Bobbi Wine, criticizes World Bank’s focus on gay rights

Ugandan politician Bobbi Wine has voiced his concerns over the World Bank’s decision to withhold loans from the country due to its stance against gay rights.

In a strongly-worded statement, Wine criticized the international institution for prioritizing gay rights while turning a blind eye to other serious human rights violations.

Wine expressed his disappointment that the World Bank seemed to ignore the rampant issues of mass murder, torture, detention without charge, and election rigging that plague Uganda. He argued that by solely focusing on gay rights, the institution was disregarding the broader spectrum of human rights violations faced by Ugandans.

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In his plea to the World Bank, Wine emphasized that all human rights should be treated equally and urged the institution to consider the gravity of other violations occurring in the country.

Bobbi Wine
Two lesbians during pride parade in Uganda

The politician’s remarks come as the World Bank recently announced its decision to deny loans to Uganda due to its ongoing discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. The international financial institution has been vocal about promoting gender equality and inclusivity, including LGBTQ+ rights, as part of its development goals.

Bobbi Wine

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