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Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative advocates for indigenous security in Southwestern Nigeria

The Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative (YAPI) is a dedicated and proactive organization that has taken a pivotal role in advocating for indigenous security measures in the Southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. This influential initiative has been at the forefront of promoting the establishment of a specialized security force tasked with safeguarding critical public infrastructures, with a particular focus on the region’s vital assets, including onshore and offshore oil wells. YAPI’s mission underscores the significance of local knowledge and understanding in ensuring the effectiveness of security measures and highlights the pressing need to protect these strategic resources.

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In a press release aired on Channels Television, the Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative has made a compelling case for the establishment of an indigenous security outfit to safeguard critical public infrastructures in the Southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria, including oil wells both onshore and offshore. The organization argues that local knowledge and understanding of the region are essential for effective security measures.

The initiative’s spokesperson, Prince Ehuwa Adebowale aka Adeb, admitted that “There is a need for a specialized security force dedicated to protecting the Southwest’s vital assets”.

He further stated, “The significance of replicating similar organizations that operate in other geopolitical zones is vital, particularly in Ondo State, which is one of Nigeria’s nine oil-producing states.”

The organization expressed concerns about non-Yoruba individuals being engaged to secure critical infrastructures within the Southwestern region. They argued that outsiders might lack the local knowledge necessary to protect these assets effectively and could face resistance from the indigenous population. Prince Olushola John Omomulerin, a former agitator and the Chairman of the Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative, was chosen for his deep-rooted ties to the region, as his father hails from Awoye, which hosts a significant portion of the oil wells, and his mother is from Ilepete/Obefagbin, hosting the remaining oil wells in Ilaje, Ondo State. The Vice Chairman, Alhaji Afolabi Taofeek Ademola, and other key figures were also appointed to guide the organization.

The initiative’s members have extensive knowledge of the region’s terrains, including creeks, waterways, onshore and offshore topography, and the locations of oil pipelines. They have offered their services to the federal government, emphasizing the importance of involving indigenous forces in securing the region’s critical infrastructure. In their official request to the federal government, the Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative called for the government to entrust them with the responsibility of safeguarding these installations within the Southwestern jurisdiction. They argued that using non-Yoruba security personnel might lead to tension and conflicts with the local population, potentially undermining the security situation in the region.

The organization believes that their deep connection to the region would allow them to receive the support and cooperation of the native population, which is crucial for the success of such security outfits.

The Yoruba Aborigin Progressive Initiative concludes by expressing their hope for the government’s favorable consideration of their request and a desire for the success of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Federal Republic of Nigeria in all their endeavors.

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