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‘106 Expressions’ Olubukola Bolarinde to celebrate African heritage with solo art exhibition


‘106 Expressions’ Olubukola Bolarinde to celebrate African heritage with solo art exhibition

Olubukola Bolarinde, the Nigerian artist and filmmaker, is set to hold her debut solo art exhibition in Lagos state.

In a released statement, the entrepreneur said the exhibition, titled ‘106 Expressions’, is scheduled to hold on June 10.

The CEO of Yellow Dot Limited, a leading creative curation/production company, also said the exhibition will be an “intimate display of her artworks inspired by her experiences from childhood that traverse time and culture.”

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“106 Expressions is a collection of artworks celebrating our African heritage; our people, and our culture. I have drawn inspiration from my experiences as an African child,” she said.

“The works transport you to a place and a time, perceived through an African child’s mind. A different time from the times we now live in. As our world continues to evolve, a great number of our children have not and will never have these experiences.”

The artist added that the exhibition is a documentary about “my people, my culture, my land. A distinct fusion of the North and the South, which speaks to and holds true to my identity and diversity.”

For the art exhibition, the writer “deployed various media such as acrylics and oils on canvas; the use of rich textures to create pieces that give an illusion of being tactile and three-dimensional, and hopes to deliver an immersive experience for viewers.”

Bolarinde has established herself as a popular name in the creative industry.

In 2018, she came through with ‘Onidiri’, a movie that shot her into the limelight.

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