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APC loyalist kicks as Senate confirms Bosun Tijani, calls out Yayi

A popular member of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos State, Alabi Opeyemi Oladimeji, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the appointment of a known critic of the party and opposition loyalist as a ministerial nominee.

Recall that President Bola Tinubu, who is an APC member, included the name of an #ENDSARS apologist and a ferocious anti-APC politician, Bosun Tijani, in the list submitted to the National Assembly for confirmation as a minister.

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Although there was a lot of fireworks during Tijani’s screening process, the founder of Co-Creation Hub, the leading Pan-African innovation and technology center, was eventually confirmed.

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This did not seem to sit well with many APC youths, especially Oladimeji, who felt that long-time loyalists of the party, who had worked hard and defended the party through thick and thin, were being shortchanged and taken for granted.

In an open letter addressed to the member representing Ogun West at the National Assembly, Sen. Solomon Adeola, popularly known as Yayi, Oladimeji expressed his displeasure at his support for Tijani, among other things.

“Dear Senator @AdeolaYAYI, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today to express my concerns. Specifically, I am troubled by your support for Bosun Tijani and the message that this sends to young people like myself.

“While I acknowledge that Bosun may be qualified and brilliant in his own right, it is important to remember that his actions and words have real consequences. It is hypocritical for him to criticize the federal republic of Nigeria while simultaneously acting frustrated and as if he is the only one going through struggles. However, as a youth stakeholder and a former National Youth leader contestant who was told to step down by the governor of Lagos state, I believe I am talking on behalf of the youths.

“Some youths have taken advantage of social media to protect, defend, and honour the Senate Chambers, the Legislative arm of government, while Bosun called them morons.

“He also referred to the Executive arm of the government house as “AssHoleRock” instead of AsoRock. As the senator of Lagos West under you, I organized one of the biggest youth summits in 2021 that connected most youths in Lagos.

“During the EndSars protest, I organized DefendLagos to protect the lives and properties of Lagosians prove are on TV, Radio and print media. I also organized the first student political symposium in LASPOTECH to bring together students to vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Additionally, I led a team across 27 states up to the local government diplomatically. Despite all these efforts, you never reached out to me or responded to my messages as the senator representing Lagos West.

“I wonder why you never saw us as worthy to be defended into government, especially seeing you defend Bosun Tijanni today.

“As a young person, I am looking for leaders who prioritize honesty and integrity above all else. I believe that our community deserves better than the mixed messages that are being sent by those in power.

“I urge you to reconsider your support for The Progressive Youths at your disposal like you did to Bosun Tijaani and to focus on building a truly strong and organized youth wing that can help guide us towards a brighter future,” he submitted.

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  1. Honestly, as much as I empathise with BATists and APC members that worked for the emergence of PBAT, I will just tell them to leave Bosun Tijani as he makes his trip to self destruct and oblivion.

    For those that know him and have worked closely with him, they will tell you he can not survive the civil service bureaucracy.

    Bosun is control freak, over confident and full of shit. He is not as fantastic as he positions himself.
    Nah packaging and fluke.
    There are better and younger BATists that would outperform him in IoT and digital tools.

    I guess Senator Tokunbo Abiru recommended him, being PBAT right hand man himself.

    Bosun’s CcHUB is the engine room of SAIL (Senator Abiru Innovative Lab) based in Ikorodu.

    He wormed his way into Abiru’s heart with the usual razzmatazz and spins. Corporate people seem to be easily carried away with such ‘icing sugar’ principle.

    I will conclude with the Yoruba wisdom, “eefin ni wa”. No matter how you package the pig, Bosun Tijani will still find his way to the gutters and oblivion as a failed noisemaker.

    He should be allowed to hammer the last nail to his coffin.

  2. The guy protesting amy need some leadership, management training to understand factors that may warrant the appointment

    Note; I am not a member of APC

    PBAT promised government of inclusiveness

    He needs to woo the ENDSARS influencers to continue to bring down the tension around the incident but also to bring them back into the gobal vision to rework Nigeria

    To caress his ego, his not getting a ministerial appointment does not mean that he can not still get an appointment or be called to serve

    Patient is golden (Suru-lere)

    Remember the vulture and the attributes

    “The vulture is a patient bird”

    Happy Sunday

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