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‘Breath of fresh air’ Bola Oladunjoye declares to represent Eti-Osa II


‘Breath of fresh air’ Bola Oladunjoye declares to represent Eti-Osa II

In an era where economic hardship and constantly rising cost of living has become a hydra-headed problem for the teeming mass of average Nigerians, the only true way forward towards actualizing the goals of a true democracy is by electing competent leaders who will truly represent the electorate with a strong zeal to selflessly serve and promote their constituent’s agenda.

It is in light of the reality of the above that a truly illustrious and erudite son of Eti-Osa II in the person of Bola Oladunjoye decided to the challenge by officially declaring publicly, his intention to contest for the Lagos House of Assembly Eti-Osa II slot of the outstanding constituency.

To start with the moral and educational pedigree of the astute computer genius and international business administrator bear testament to the appropriateness of his declaration. Bola Oladunjoye who is an alumnus of the London Metropolitan University, holds a B.Sc in Business Computing, B.Sc. in Computer Networking as well as a Masters (MA) in International Business.


Bola Oladunjoye’s emergence on Eti-Osa II’s political terrain no doubt, portends potentially great economic development and sterling Management of the resources and financial allocations of the constituency.

In retrospect, the current deplorable state of Eti-Osa II which kept degenerating over the years could have been averted ab initio, had credible candidates like Bola Oladunjoye contested at the time in question.

Now however, a bigger and greater opportunity to right the wrongs of the past has presented itself through Bola Oladunjoye’s declaration to contest the Lagos House of Assembly, Eti-Osa2 seat, come 2023, and if feelers emanating from the camp of the incumbent who still harbours ambitions to recontest after three unproductive terms of office is anything to go by, this is indeed the golden opportunity that Eti-Osa II electorates have been waiting for, to effect meaningful and impactful change in the leadership and representation of their Constituency.

While granting an interview to our political correspondent, the amiable aspirant who is also the CEO of Yazeba Ltd’s property construction company which currently has over 25 full-time staff time and over 50 causal workers in its employ, thanked the leader of the APC central ruling party, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, who is also a Presidential aspirant in the upcoming political race in 2023, for the level playing field granted to all prospective aspirant to pursue their political dreams, as well as the opportunity afforded the great and industrious people of Eti-Osa 2 to make a positive change for the best.

In his words, he said:

“I want to thank our national leader and incoming president Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for mandating our leaders to create a level playing field where all aspirants can contest to show his or her strength.

“This is my second time contesting and I am on a mission to create wealth and stability in my constituency.

“The incumbent has been there for 12 years and I feel it’s time we change hands and give our people what they truly deserve.

“I want to truly serve my people while I have age on my side and I feel that if you are not part of the solution , then you are definitely a part of the problem.

“We can’t sit back and continue to blame those in government if we are afraid of what people might say.”

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