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‘Demolish the hotel!’ Yahoo boys slaughter female student in Anambra


‘Demolish the hotel!’ Yahoo boys slaughter female student in Anambra

A 200 level female student of University of Benin, Miss Chinenye Promise Nwoye was last week Thursday allegedly lured and murdered by suspected internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo Boys at Akuu Hotel, Abagana, Njikoka Local Govt Area, Anambra State, ostensibly for ritual purposes.

The woman said to have paid N5,000 for the hotel room where the killers committed the dastardly act and one of the killers are currently cooling off at the state Police headquarters Awka while the corpse has been deposited at Beeke morque Nimo.

Narrating how her daughter was lured into the hands of the scammers, Mrs. Chinyere Nwoye, mother of the deceased said, “we are from Iruokpala village Abba, my daughter Chinenye Promise Nwoye, is 19 years old, a second year student of University of Benin and her course is Religious/Education”
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“It is due to the coronavirus holidays that we enrolled her in computer training at Orie Abagana and she always comes back around 4pm but on that fateful day, 27 August 2020, I came back from our church programme and waited for her to come back as usual but couldn’t see her”

“I called her on phone, it was ringing but not picking, l called repeatedly until she picked, with a tone as if she was speaking under someone’s command and in pains and she told me to bring her ATM cade number to her at Akuu Hotel as if she was kidnapped and immediately the phone was forcefully cut off. l repeated the call continuously and she later picked and repeated that l should bring her ATM cade to her at Akuu Hotel Abagana and as she was talking the phone was forcefully cut off again and that was when l sensed danger.

“Immediately l called one of my brothers-in-Christ to come to my house and as soon as he came we left, asked of the location of the hotel and immediately rushed there within 10 minutes after my daughter’s call”.

“As we got there some boys were there, I don’t know who is who, but I noticed two boys stayed separately, we rushed to the reception, met the receptionist, told her who I am, my daughter’s name, that I want to see my daughter.

“The receptionist shouted, ‘Is it this woman, I know this woman, her type will not come here’, that is when I suspected that the hoteliers’ hands are in my daughter’s misfortune.

The receptionist told one of the two boys to give her the key to room 57, that he is the one that is in that room, he refused, so the receptionist brought out their spare keys, went up and started opening all the locked rooms and immediately she opened the room 57, she shouted, ‘these people have killed somebody here ooo! everybody in that hotel started running including the two boys, I don’t know who is after who, so on hearing of the voice and shout of the receptionist upstairs, my brother-in-Christ rushed upstairs and saw my daughter stone dead and he shouted to the receptionist “so you people are doing things like this here”.

“One of the two boys was caught as they were running to escape and on a tip-off the police came, forcing me to enter their vehicle, I refused and told them that my husband must be here to see our daughter before taking her away. They forced me, telling me that they are going upstairs to bring down the corpse I refused, fell and lied on the floor crying”.

“The brother-in-Christ who went upstairs told me that he observed that she was stripped, they tore her cloth, used it to tie her two legs, tied her hands at the back and face downwards, inside the toilet, gagged her mouth with clothes which suspecting she was strangled because there was no drop of blood anywhere around there and no part of her body missing.”

“May be they wanted to use her for rituals but the way we rushed as soon as my discussion with my daughter was cut off made them not to finish what they wanted to do with the corpse”, she added.

Speaking, father to the girl, Mr Chukwunonso Nwoye demanded for justice and pleaded to Governor Willie Obiano to demolish the hotel and ensure that the killers are paid in their own coin.

“I want the hotel to be demolished by Governor Willie Obiano and killers of my daughter killed also if I will live long,” he pleaded.

He said that the arrested killer confessed and pleaded to the police to be allowed to fish out the remaining accomplice as he did not commit it alone and that the woman who brought the N5000 for the hotel room was part of the murder.

The hotel manager, Philip Mata, had in his defence said, “this is my fourth year as manager in the hotel except this murder” and denied alleged series of killings in that hotel.

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