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Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour settles debts amidst social media backlash

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party’s 2023 governorship candidate in Lagos State, recently found himself under public scrutiny when allegations surfaced on social media regarding unpaid debts owed by his wife’s project. Chike Jones, a former writer and social media manager for, a project owned by Rhodes-Vivour’s wife, Ify Aniebo, claimed he was owed for over eight months.

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In response to the social media bashing, Rhodes-Vivour took to the same platform to address the issue and announce that the debt had been repaid. In his statement, he mentioned that he had spoken to Chika, the aggrieved party, and had extended an olive branch to resolve the matter.

“I have spoken to Chika and extended an olive branch in acknowledgment of an episode that I hope we can put behind us and look to better days ahead. I believe this episode to have been an exception, rather than the norm, at least considering the context. The situation has been rectified, and his due paid. I also want to express my gratitude to everyone who offered their support in de-escalating this situation. I thank Chika for his understanding and willingness to move forward and also thank him for his support during the campaigns,” Rhodes-Vivour wrote.

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Chike Jones later provided an update on the situation, stating that Rhodes-Vivour reached out to him and paid the outstanding debt. He acknowledged the efforts of those who raised their voices on social media, expressing gratitude for the support.

“Someone I know who also knows #GRVlagos reached out and arranged a call a few minutes ago. On the call were GRV, his media manager, myself, and the mediator. The media manager started by apologizing. Then #GRVlagos came on and said he wanted the matter resolved and that he would pay the money before today ends. I said no problem, but I asked #GRVlagos why #IfyAniebo refused to pay me. The reason given was that she felt unhappy with the work I had done. I made it clear that it was both a lie and a wicked thing to say, and there the matter closed. I will be expecting my payment as promised, and once I receive it, I will update this thread with a screenshot. Thanks to everyone, friends, strangers, and acquaintances for raising your voice. When you need help, I hope people will raise their voice for you too,” Jones explained.

In a final update, Chike Jones confirmed that he had received the payment from Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour. He shared a screenshot of the transaction, expressing appreciation for Rhodes-Vivour stepping up to settle the debt in a challenging situation.

“I have received payment from #GRVlagos. Screenshot here. A final update on this. I have been paid by #GRVlagos. I appreciate him stepping up in a difficult situation. The debt is paid. Ozoemena,” Jones concluded.

The incident highlights the power of social media in holding individuals accountable and the importance of addressing issues transparently to resolve disputes.

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