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‘I was a site worker’ David Nwamini Ukpo reveals how he met Sen Ekweremadu, lured abroad

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David Nwamini Ukpo and Ike Ekweremadu


‘I was a site worker’ David Nwamini Ukpo reveals how he met Sen Ekweremadu, lured abroad

David Nwamini Ukpo the young man involved in the controversial organ harvesting saga involving Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife has taken to his social media handle to explain how he met the Senator and lured from Nigeria to London for the operation without his consent.

Below was his fairly edited post for better understanding of his account.

“My journey to UK,


“On one fateful day I met a man named Okoro in a building site where I was working for my daily bread. Okoro told me he liked me, he wanted to help me achieve my dream because he saw me as a great person. When he asked if I would like to work in UK, I just started laughing because I don’t have money for that. Then I told him I was not interested because I didn’t have money for that.

“He just started laughing and told me he is going to introduce me to senator; his company in UK need workers, so he could start my visa processing.

“I have no other option than to accept the offered. After two days, the man came to the building site again and told me the senator wanted to see me so we could start the visa processing. Then I dropped my shovel and head pan and went to have my bath immediately.

“Mr. Okoro took me to an unknown area where I haven’t been before. I was even afraid thinking maybe he was a money ritualist. I encouraged myself since I knew Mr. Okoro for a long time, there will be no problem. Mr. Okoro handed me over to one young man wearing a suit, who told me everything about the job and I informed him Mr. Okoro had already explained everything to me and I have accepted to work in the UK.

“Next day, this young man introduced me to another man. Immediately I saw the man, I greeted him. I didn’t know his name then but he told me he is the owner of the company that want workers in UK and asked me if I was interested to work. I responded in affirmative immediately with happiness all over my heart.

“They later gave me a room in that mansion, snap my passport photographs and told they will start my visa processing immediately.

“The kind of food I ate there, my generation hasn’t ate it before; I was so happy staying in that house. After a week, they told me my visa and passport were ready. They also told we were leaving the following day.

“I was taken to airport and from there we landed in UK hospital.

“When we landed in hospital in UK, I was told I must go for a medical test to check my health status to confirm if I’m fit for the job. I accepted without any question.

“I thank God for Doctor Harry who told me everything after I explained to him why I’m here. He was the one that called police for my rescued,” he submitted.

Ike Ekweremadu, 60, former deputy senate president, and his wife, Beatrice, 55, have been charged with conspiring to arrange to bring a child to the UK to harvest organs, the Metropolitan Police said.

They are both charged with conspiracy to arrange or facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting.

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