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Innersloth: RCCG prophetess who became an Olokun priestess

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Innersloth: RCCG prophetess who became an Olokun priestess

This is Princess Lara Fashola, an American-trained maritime lawyer and Yeye Olukun (Olokun goddess)

Olukun is an African traditional deity, a sea or river goddess worshiped by women in many Bini and Urhobo communities.
The god is also worshiped by adherents from Lagos, Bini, and Ile Ife.

The chief Olokun shrine is located in the Ilode area of Ile-Ife in Osun State. Remember the Nigerian lawyer, Barrister Malcom, that went viral the other time because he appeared in traditional costume while appearing as a lawyer at the Nigerian Supreme Court? He is an Olukun worshiper.

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Princess Lara Fashola is the priestess that is in charge of the Olukun deity, and she has dedicated her life to this purpose and mission.
In her words, she used to be a prophetess in a church for 25 years, but those things never stopped.

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Her great grandfather and former Ooni of Ife (Ooni Ademiluyi) would appear to her in her dreams and would tell her that she had a responsibility to carry on the torch, to promote the culture and the traditions of her people so that they would not go into extinction.

Ever since she listened to the call to go back to her roots, her life has changed for the better. In her words, Olokun is in charge of wealth and economic growth. So, that has really helped her in the creation of wealth. At the moment, she is a serial entrepreneur who runs chains of businesses, and they are all successful due to the generosity of Olukun that she worships.

Being the priestess of Olukun came with its own sacrifice as she had to let go of her marriage to a pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

The poor man, who was an elder in RCCG, was traumatized and could not cope with seeing the wife of his youth transformed into an Olukun priestess, so they decided to divorce.

Princess Lara Fashola is having the best time of her life, serving the Olukun god who has changed her life by making her wealthy, and she can’t have it any other way.

I found this fascinating and interesting as well.

– Written by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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