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‘Monkeys in Banana Island’ PSquare in the mud for peddling false narrative

A road allegely leading to Psquare's family compound in the village. Inset: Peter Okoye of PSquare


‘Monkeys in Banana Island’ PSquare in the mud for peddling false narrative

The popular hip-hop group, PSquare, might have incurred the wrath of Nigerians as the race towards the next president of Nigeria heats up for peddling false narrative.

And Freelanews noticed that this may be unconnected with one of the twins supports for Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, over the ruling party’s candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

screenshot 2022 06 11 at 17 27 49 2023 psquare chidi mokeme okey bakassi endorse peter obi for presidency

Psquare, actor Chidi Mokeme and comedian Okey Bakassi endorse Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), as their preferred choice


Peter Okoye made a post on his microblogging handle on Twitter, erroneously insinuating that Igbo traders in Lagos were attacked for their massive support for Peter Obi with attempts made to discourage them from getting their PVCs. He wrote:

The attack on My Igbo people who went to register for there PVCs is unacceptable! God is watching! Nigerian Youth! Our only weapon now is our PVC’s if ur vote don’t count nobody will pay u money to vote for him or her, so ur vote is ur voice lend it rightly don’t sell it..

peter okoye mrp on twitter

God is watching, Peter Okoye cries out on Twitter

He was, however, corrected by an official of the Nigerian police force, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, who pointed out that it wasn’t an attack and that the artiste was misinformed. He referred him to his clarification of what truly happened, which he had earlier made to correct a wrong narrative on a trending video on same subject. He wrote:

SP hudeyin

First, this wasn’t about Igbos. These are the true facts behind the trending videos. The entire Alaba International Market decided to close the market today to enable the traders register for their PVCs. A phased closure would have been better. Consequently, the Ojo Local…

…Government venue of the registration was besieged by a mammoth crowd. The situation was made worse by the fact that only one registration terminal was working. One of the people who came for registration made trouble and was challenged by those around. Going by simple…

…probability, the attacker or the attacked is very likely to be Igbo. They were simply large in number. However, giving this incident ethnic coloration would not help matters. The entire episode lasted a few minutes. Sadly, recordings from those few minutes are still…

…traveling far and wide. Normalcy has since returned and the Divisional Police Officer there is fully in charge of the security situation.

Many Nigerians have jumped on the thread and reprimand Peter for not conducting thorough investigation before jumping on the issue.

One wrote: Oga stop lying

While Osho Nudean wrote: Many of you celebrities just want the likes and retweet to trend, no thorough evaluation of situations, you run majorly on emotions and not critical reasoning. A mere objective look at the video is enough to know but you don’t want to offend the mob!

A Dr. Davidson Olusesan, with Twitter handle Son OF David, was equally miffed by Peter’s attempt to give the situation a tribal colouration which may lead to breakdown of laws and order in Lagos.

Tagging them Monkeys in Banana Island, Dr. Olusesan reminded the duo that they refused to repair the road to their family compound, yet feel entitled to tinker with the peace they enjoy in Lagos.

MONKEYS IN BANANA ISLAND This is the road leading to the family compound of @PeterPsquare and @rudeboypsquare in Ifitedunu (see link). But they want to take Nigeria back for Obi from Banana Island that Tinubu brought Eko Atlantic Chagoury group to build.

Son of David on Twitter

Son of David on Twitter

Read the rest of the tweet here.

However, in response to Dr. Olusesan’s post, Modili Stephen, with Twitter handle @modilistephen, pointed out that the road in question has been tarred with photo evidence.

“I have Decided to go back and snap the same place you people are using to condemned @psquare and Peter obi. Take a look at the Road now. You can still bring another propaganda. We are ready for you guys,” he wrote.

fu taz9xsaemwop

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