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Late Capt. Hosa Okunbo

‘No such name’ Late Capt. Hosa Okunbo family disowns Philip F. Okunbo

The family of the late Edo billionaire and philanthropist, Captain Hosa Okunbo, has denied the existence of a certain Philip F. Okunbo, who issued a press announcement on the family’s behalf.

The clarification became necessary due to a report by iReporteronline and several other online news platform where the alleged impersonator was quoted speaking for the family.

iReporteronline has then be compelled to issue a retraction when the family reached out to the online platform. The late business mogul denied the existence of any Phillip F. Okunbo, claiming that it is a pseudo-identity meant to mislead the public.

“Our findings from the late Business Mogul’s family show that no one with that name exists, and the claim was made to mislead the public.

“In a terse statement to clarify our inquiries, the family insisted there is no Philip F. Okunbo in the entire Hon. Robert Amos Okunbo family, the family of late Capt Dr Idahosa Wells Okunbo. Therefore, that very message from that pseudo name and their cronies should be disregarded accordingly,” the platform revealed.

The online news platform, therefore, tendered an apology to the family over the issue.

“We send our unreserved apologies to the Okunbo family over the press statement from our medium. It was not intentional to ridicule the illustrious family. Please, the message therein should be disregarded in its totality. May the soul of late Captain Hosa continue to rest peacefully,” it submitted.

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