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‘Ok, Karen tell her!’ Is Corey Gamble cheating on Chris Kardashian?


‘Ok, Karen tell her!’ Is Corey Gamble cheating on Chris Kardashian?

Corey Gamble was conspicuously absent from Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding, Freelanews has confirmed. And now a new unconfirmed IG page, purporting to be created by Kourtney’s 12 year old son Mason (which has not been confirmed) is spilling tea.

There are rumors going around the internet, that Corey, 41, may have been caught “cheating” on Kris Jenner, 66.

Fans took to Twitter over the weekend to speculate about Corey Gamble’s seeming absence from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s nuptials.


Amid a slew of high-profile photos from the star-studded Italian wedding, Corey, 41, was noticeably missing.

Kris Jenner’s longtime beau who is with her at every important event was last seen with her in New York City this past week. before that the two attended the Met Gala together in early May.

So what could have caused the split? Well according to a new Instagram page, which is purportedly from Kourtney’s 12 year old son Mason – Corey was caught cheating on Kris.

The IG account first started posting exclusive pics of the family, likely from someone close to the family. Then it started spilling tea. Here are also alleged storylines for the new season of The Kardashians, according to the person who runs the account:

After the person claiming to be Mason posted the spoilers, Kylie Jenner reached out and tried to stop him from continuing to destroy their show. “Mason” replied defiantly, calling his youngest aunt a “Karen” for threatening to snitch:

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