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Ondo 2024: Funmi Ayinke emerges as strong contender for APC governorship ticket

The political landscape of Ondo State is presently experiencing pure excitement as Engr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed Adekojo joins the governorship race.

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After much pressure from her community and other stakeholders in the state, the young CEO of one of Nigeria’s leading engineering companies, The FunmiAyinke Engineering Company Ltd, has finally unveiled her campaign office in Ondo State.

Engineer Funmi Ayinke Waheed Adekojo, a thoroughly educated woman known for her unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship, progress, development, and capacity building, among other qualities, announced her candidacy for the governorship race with the captivating and timely slogan “Hope for All” – the same words that embody all her innate self and her beliefs.

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At just 40, Funmi, a business guru who is a huge achiever in her field of engineering, construction, public procurement, and even in the entertainment sector, has political pundits buzzing with enthusiasm, believing her refreshing mega-popularity is sure to change the beat of the drums that will signal the primaries under her chosen party, the APC.

Born and raised in Ondo State, Funmi Ayinke’s journey reflects resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her educational achievements, coupled with her immense investments in philanthropy, unwavering commitment to community development, relentless advocacy, and support for the empowerment of women, the girl child, and youths in the state and across Nigeria over the past decade, make her a strong force to reckon with in the race to the Ondo Governorship office.

Being one of the youngest women to run for governor in Ondo State, Adekojo has garnered widespread admiration and respect not only from her people but all over the country.

While the world tilts towards technology and innovation, Engineer Funmi Ayinke Waheed Adekojo, a woman who has proven her mettle in the boardroom and is a believer and investor in STEM education, will surely tilt Ondo towards modernization, production, sustainable opportunities for the marginalized, enhanced education, and economic growth, and wholesome transformation within the state.

Adekojo’s “Hope for All” vision encapsulates her commitment to creating a state where every citizen has access to equitable opportunities, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, or gender.

As Ondo prepares for the 2024 election year, Adekojo’s credentials, even at such a young age, so far dwarf all other known contenders in her party. It is hoped that the party will avail her the ticket. As a matter of fact, Fumilayo Waheed Adekojo is often heard telling her constituents, “Nothing fails in the hands of a woman.”

Adekojo is one woman who has succeeded in terrains men fear to tread; she has beaten the odds again and again and today rules the construction world like a colossus. Her candidacy represents a pivotal moment, offering hope and the promise of a better life from someone who providence has prepared through experience, works, and deeds all her life.

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