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One dead as young Nigerian lady fatally stabs friend in anger (Video)

A tragic incident unfolded as two Nigerian women engaged in a heated altercation, with one wielding a knife that ultimately led to a fatal outcome.

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The dispute resulted in a deep, life-threatening cut to the right hand of one of the women.

Shockingly, the injured woman bled to death on the scene as onlookers failed to administer first aid or rush her to the hospital for essential treatment.

Before she finally succumbed to her death, she was heard repeatedly saying, “See wetin dis girl do me! See wetin dis girl do me.”

The incident, which was captured on video by another individual present and reportedly took place in United Emirate, has ignited widespread outrage on social media.

Many are expressing their belief that prompt first aid could have saved the life of the unfortunate woman, highlighting the importance of immediate assistance during emergencies.

One wrote: They could’ve tied that hand or made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding then take her to a nearby clinic. Sigh first aid education is super important!

Kome: All you do is rub makeup and post pictures, no single sense and survival skills/instincts. Tie the wound, to stop the bleeding and find a way to the nearest hospital or clinic, no, you are running to call police. Nonsense.

Abazz: Please arrest all of them in that house..she was blèèdin for long and no one cared to rush her to the hospital???

MR SLY: Saddened by her preventable death, I am deeply heartbroken. The application of a simple homemade tourniquet using a belt or fabric could have significantly reduced her blood loss and helped her receive medical support. Please see the YouTube link on how to make an emergency tourniquet that could potentially save someone’s life someday.. Kindly retweet this please.

Tobechukwu Ade wrote: Very unintelligent and stupid girls. They didn’t know how to stop bleeding by applying pressure and rushing her to the hospital but they knew how to record and shout up and down. Mind the kind of friends you keep around you.

Albert wrote: The company you keep could determine whether you live long or not. All the girls gotta be arrested firstly for their ignorance and secondly for their negligence.

Pukka said: After successfully getting hold of the knife, With the way the girl with the red hair was charging towards the girl in a black clothes, she was eventually going to stab her to death she only slowed down when she saw blood. Death was certain one way or the other.

Watch video below.

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