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‘People judge me for being a lingerie-clad barmaid – but I’m earning thousands’

A woman who works as a lingerie-clad barmaid says people often judge over her job.

However, Rosie Clarke says she doesn’t care what trolls say, as she’s earning thousands from her racy career. The gorgeous brunette, who is originally from the UK, now lives in Australia.

After struggling to find a job in the country, Rosie now works as a “skimpy” – a lingerie barmaid – in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. She says her work uniform receives a lot of judgement, but she says her career path has been “life-changing”, according to 7Life.

As well as a full-time wage, Rosie pocket more than $1000 (£525) in tips per shift – and she has no plans on calling quits on her lucrative job any time soon.

The Londoner initially landed in Sydney with a plan to backpack around Australia. However, she instantly fell in love with the country, as well as the people and the lifestyle, and decided to move Down Under full-time.

In 2020, aged 27, Rosie sought rural work as part of her visa application. She headed to Western Australia to try and secure a mining or truck-driving job. However, her plans were quickly put on hold as the covid pandemic swept through the country.

She became desperate for employment as WA slammed its borders shut. Rosie, who graduated from university with an honours in marketing said she didn’t think getting a job would be too difficult.

However, she faced rejection after rejection, and ‘reached the end of her tether’ when she was turned her away from a petrol station attendant’s jib as they were ‘only hiring citizens’.

That’s when she heard of ‘Boober Eats’ – a food and beverage delivery service where drivers donned lingerie. Desperate for an income, she applied and was quickly accepted. Rosie was excited for her new job and took an hour to get ready.

She donned her new work uniform – a lacy multi-coloured lingerie set – as well as applying her makeup, false lashes, fake tan and styled her hair.

Rosie joined a colleague and with bags of takeaway in their hands, the pair would slip out of their car wearing nothing but best lingerie and strut across the carpark to deliver the food. They then handed out the workers’ food before continuing with their deliveries.

She admits she was ‘filled with confidence’ after the first shift and loved walking around in her underwear. She continued doing the job until the pandemic restrictions eventually lifted and her colleagues convinced her to apply as a “skimpy.

The term refers to bar staff who wear underwear during shifts. A ‘skimpy’ is a West Australian tradition dating back decades in mining towns.

She decided to give it a go, and although she was nervous, she quickly found her feet. As her tips began rolling in, Rosie was shocked by how much cash she was making. And she claims it isn’t about how much — or how little — she is wearing.

“You need to know their drinks,” she explains. Just great customer service, always saying hi, knowing that Dave comes in at this time and likes his beer extra cold. Just stuff like that.” The barmaid says she goes out of her way to ask her regulars questions about their lives – including asking after their wives or children.

She added: “Most of my customers have girlfriends or wives. Everyone in Western Australia knows the deal, you can’t do anything with skimpies, and they never try to. They’ll usually start talking about the kids back home and how excited they are to fly home.”

Rosie claims her attention to detail has bagged her tips from single punters of more than $1200 (£630). “Honestly, it’s just life-changing,” the 30-year-old said. She’s now a professional full-time skimpy, and spends her weeks travelling between different towns in WA working. And since she’s earning such great money, she only works when she feels like it.

“It is amazing,” she says. I honestly would never have met this many people and I have learnt so much. “I have a new confidence in my body too.”

When it comes to telling friends and family about her racy career, she initially got bombarded with questions and said her mum and dad back in England were ‘very shocked’. “They were surprised but when they finally understood, they all thought it was great,” she said.

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