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‘Shattering the bias’ Tony Elumelu makes strong statement for girlchild with Oge

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Tony Elumelu, chairman, UBA Group, with his daughter, Oge, at the European Development Day in Brussels


‘Shattering the bias’ Tony Elumelu makes strong statement for girlchild with Oge

In a world smarting up in pushing the gender bias to the background, especially in an African setting which seems to always be the last to join the bus, the chairman of UBA Group, Tony Onyemachi Elumelu, has noiselessly joined the campaign.

To Freelanews, this wouldn’t come as a surprise though as he is well known for scoring first in all his undertakings.

The Heirs Holdings’boss has been busy positioning one of his daughters, Oge, to take over his business empire in the nearest future, which is a big plus to the global fight against gender inequality.

Elumelu or TOE as he is fondly called once shared this thought with Dr. Reuben Abati of Arise TV.

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Oge and her dad, Tony Elumelu

Freelanews - uba

Tony Elumelu and his first daughter, Oge


Oge Elumelu

The Nigerian billionaire confirmed that he has being grooming the heiress-in-waiting to take over his global empire once he retires.

One of such moves was recorded today when Oge, who is studying economics at the London School of Economics, accompanied her father to Brussels for the European Development Day session where he spoke on Sustainable Finance at the Heart of Global Gateway.

“Oge was my chief of staff today,” Elumelu declared.

In the words of Chukwudi Nwuchukwu, a Lagos IT consultant and founder of Visage Media, who seemed to have also been monitoring the progression, the UBA boss is making a strong statement with his daughter.

“I’m aware that Oge also joins her dad in his Lagos office when she is vacationing in Nigeria, where she interns and watches her dad make super moves, the TOE way.

“Tony is making a profound statement with what he is doing with his daughter.

“Tony has two twin boys who are younger, but for him, Oge, the first, is the chosen one. Her gender does not matter.

“It does not matter that she will get married some day,” he said.

In Nwuchukwu’s opinion, it’s believed that what seems to matter to TOE is that the heiress-in-waiting is capable of carrying on with her father’s legacy and impact when Tony hangs the boot.

“Tony Elumelu, with his examples, is reminding all of us that the girl child is enough, just like the male child. No gender is superior and, most importantly, this is how we can break and shatter the bias, the glass ceiling,holding our women down as a society,” he concluded.

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