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Tweep reveals how to encounter spirits at Iyana Ipaja market

A tweep has made a fearful claim, which has since gone viral, on how spirits could be encountered at Iyana Ipaja market, a popular market in Lagos State.

While responding to a vox pop created by Chicken Catcher on the existence of ghosts and evil spirits, Son of James made the wild claim.

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“Have you ever felt the presence of something… like a ghost/evil spirit, that made you feel you were not alone in a house? Please share your experience,” Chicken Catcher asked.

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Son of James claimed that the spirits are more active at the spots where spiritual things and native herbs are being sold.

“Go to iyana ipaja market by 2:00pm

“Drop something on the floor and bend straight low to pick it.. then look through your legs (like.. looking upside down)

“Whatever you see, please don’t make a sound and act normal, then leave the atmosphere as quick as possible 🍀

“Lemme give you guys a better spot.. you see that spot where they sell Celestial or white garment church crosses and other spiritual things

“Or those who sells native herbs (Elewe Omo)

“Try it there.. you see those ones, the spirits and creatures are more active there,” he wrote.

iyana ipaja

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