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Lagos Police Commissioner affirms no permission for officers to search citizens’ phones

The Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Fayoade Adegoke, has emphatically stated that no police officer is authorized to search the phones of Nigerian citizens. The police boss made this declaration during an interview on Melody FM, highlighting the existence of a dedicated cyber section within the Police Force responsible for such investigations.

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According to CP Adegoke, if a police officer harbors suspicions about an individual’s involvement in criminal activities through their phone, the proper procedure is to take the person to the police station for a lawful search.

“No policeman has the right to beat citizens. You, the people, are the government’s employers; your taxes support us. Thus, we have to treat you with the appropriate decency. On the issue of searching phones, no policeman has the right to search your phone. If a policeman suspects anything on your phone, he will take you to the station to search the phone. We have a cyber department that deals with all that,” he emphasized.

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The Commissioner also reiterated the importance of treating citizens with respect and decency, emphasizing that the public has the right to be treated fairly by law enforcement.

CP Adegoke further addressed the issue of bail, assuring the public that it is unrestricted. He urged citizens to report any cases of corruption or misconduct by police officers to the appropriate authorities. The Commissioner encouraged individuals who feel they have been mistreated or extorted by the police to report the incidents first to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO). If the DPO does not address the complaint adequately, citizens are advised to escalate the matter to the Area Commander. Moreover, CP Adegoke extended an invitation to Lagosians to report directly to him if they still feel aggrieved.

The Commissioner’s statement underscores the commitment to upholding citizens’ rights and ensuring accountability within the police force. The emphasis on proper channels for reporting misconduct aims to strengthen public trust and promote a culture of transparency within law enforcement agencies.

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