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‘Lessons learnt’ Arise TV anchor apologises over traffic infraction

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‘Lessons learnt’ Arise TV anchor apologises over traffic infraction

Arise TV anchor, Rufai Oseni, has tendered an apology for violating the traffic law and hurling insults at the police.

On the television’s Morning show on Wednesday, he said he was sorry for being in the news for the wrong reason.

“Good morning viewers. As many of you know in the last two days I have been in the news for the public and for all my colleagues here on Arise News Channel,” he said.


“I would, therefore, like to apologise to all parties over what transpired during the incident with the police when I was stopped for driving on a bus lane, I cannot and dare not lay claims to knowing it all.

“Lessons have been learnt from this entire episode and this has been a most humbling experience for me. I would also like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who have reached out to me in the last two days for their guidance and counseling.”

The broadcaster was found guilty of violating the traffic law in Lagos state on Tuesday.

In a tweet, the spokesperson in the state, Benjamin Hundeyin, said that the broadcaster was fined N70,000.

“Mr Rufai Oseni was in court earlier today. He was found guilty of contravening Lagos State Transport Law (2018),” he wrote.

“He was subsequently fined Seventy Thousand Naira Only. He made the payment, after which his vehicle was released to him.”

The journalist tweeted on Monday that a gun was pointed at him by the police and his vehicle forcefully taken away from him.

“A Nigerian police officer pointed a gun at me and forcefully took my keys and drove my car off, because he wanted to enforce a traffic infraction,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Responding, Mr Hundeyin said “Rufai, let’s not do this. You admitted to me that you passed a BRT lane. It’s against the law.
“Your claim that Google maps took you there is not tenable. You disobeyed and resisted the officers. We’ll sanction the officer who misused firearm if proven.”

But the journalist replied that “a gun was pointed at me and my car was forcefully driven off. Now you are lying Ben, if I resisted, how did they drive my car off and why did you ask me to send my car details? All I want is justice. I noted there was an infraction. It’s best you stop the lies!”

A video that emerged Tuesday showed Mr Oseni hurling insults at officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) who impounded his vehicle.

He also said that he will “call the governor,” for intervention.

Reacting to the video on an Instagram LIVE session tagged “final reaction. Thanks everyone,” he said, adding that he has the right to say he will call the governor.

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