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Reno Omokri lists 12 similarities between Peter Obi, Mmesoma Ejikeme

Political commentator, Reno Omokri, has recently drawn attention to what he perceived as striking similarities between Peter Obi, the former Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, and Mmesoma Ejikeme, a JAMB candidate who criminally inflated her scores.

His remarks have sparked a heated debate among tweeps, as he accused both figures of engaging in dubious tactics.

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Omokri, a well-known critic of the LP and Obi, expressed his concerns in a series of tweets, highlighting what he believed to be a growing trend of blind support from Obi’s followers.

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The political commentator’s assertions have drawn sharp criticism from some quarters, who argue that his claims lack concrete evidence and serve only to tarnish the reputation of both Obi and Ejikeme.

“Just two months ago, many of these Obidients were defending Mmesoma Ejikeme, who fraudulently increased her JAMB scores and wanted to get the prize meant for the first place winner. Today, they are now defending the Mmesoma Ejikeme of INEC, Peter Obi, who wanted the Presidential Election Petition Court to fraudulently increase his votes so that the third place loser would be declared the first place winner. Mmesoma Ejikeme and Peter Obi are two sides of the same coin.

“12 Similarities Between Peter Obi and Mmesoma Ejikeme.

1.Obi voted in Anambra. Mmesoma wrote JAMB in Anambra.
2.Obi won Lagos. Mmesoma’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of schools are in Lagos.
3.Obi insisted he won #NigerianElections2023. Mmesoma insisted she had the highest JAMB score.
4.Obi claimed to be a youth at 62. Mmesoma claimed to be a minor at 19.
5.Obi blamed INEC glitch. Mmesoma blamed JAMB hitch.
6.Obi did a broadcast vowing to reclaim his mandate. Mmesoma did a broadcast promising that her results were genuine.
7.Mmesoma’s daddy said she was always crying over JAMB. Obi cried ‘Yes, Daddy’ over the election.
8.Obi won 98% of Anambra’s votes. The majority of Anambra supported Mmesoma.
9.Obi went on TV to cry. Mmesoma cried on TV.
10.Obi’s followers insulted everybody. Mmesoma’s supporters attacked everyone.
11.Obi lied that his brewery employs 60% of Anambra people. Mmesoma lied that she was the best pupil in Anambra.
12.IPOBy Ezekwesili said the certificate of return given to Tinubu belongs to Obi. IPOBy Ezekwesili insinuated that the highest score belongs to Mmesoma.

“Moral of the story: Those who play emotional politics will always end in frustration, while those who play strategic politics will always end in dominion,” Omokri wrote.

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