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Celestial Church announces guidelines for December 2023-March 2024 Anointment Exercise

A detailed document detailing the rules and prerequisites for the December 2023–March 2024 Anointment Exercise has been released by the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

To guarantee a seamless and orderly procession, attendees and congregants are asked to pay attention to the important information offered.

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According to the memo, all participants are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

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  1. Payment of Fees: Individuals intending to participate in the Anointment Exercise must ensure prompt payment of all prescribed fees. These fees are essential for the facilitation of the exercise and include administrative charges, venue fees, and other associated costs. Failure to comply with the fee requirements may result in exclusion from the exercise.

  2. Submission of Required Documents: Participants must submit all necessary documents as specified by the Celestial Church of Christ authorities. These documents may include identification cards, baptismal certificates, and any other relevant records deemed necessary for verification purposes. It is imperative to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all document submissions to avoid delays or complications during the exercise.

  3. Compliance with Exercise Timelines: Participants are urged to strictly adhere to the timelines and schedules provided for the Anointment Exercise. This includes registration deadlines, appointment times, and other relevant timelines specified by the church authorities. Timely compliance will contribute to the efficient and orderly conduct of the exercise for all participants involved.

The memo emphasizes the importance of full compliance with the outlined guidelines to ensure a successful and spiritually enriching Anointment Exercise for all participants. Additionally, congregants are encouraged to seek clarification from designated church officials or representatives in case of any queries or concerns regarding the exercise.


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