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“In my films, I order men, they don’t impose anything on me”

Since 2012, Judith Mazagwu, aka “AfroCandy”, has starred in pornographic films that she writes, directs and produces. At over 40 years old, she considers herself a pioneer in the depiction of female pleasure in the thriving pornographic industry in Nigeria.

They call me AfroCandy. I chose this name in 2007 because when I would go out at night, men would tell me that I was a real eye candy. They thought I was African American and when I answered them in my language, Igbo, they were surprised. If I’m Nigerian and a candy, then I’m AfroCandy and this is my story!

I grew up in eastern Nigeria with my father, mother and eight brothers and sisters. My mother gave birth to fourteen children. We lived in town, where my father had invested, but he lost everything. So we went back to live in the village. He was the only one driving a car at the time.

We never talked about sexuality in a positive way in my family. I just remember my mother’s warnings about the dangers of sex, the risk of getting pregnant, aborting and dying… It was scary! I tried to keep my virginity until marriage, but I was attacked. I struggled, I kicked. My rapist obviously couldn’t deflower me all the way because the second time I had sex, I bled.

At the age of 18, I entered university to study secretarial science and then computer science. I discovered the pleasures of the city. In the village, we hide to experience love and sex. We find ourselves in the bushes, in the river. In the city, anonymity preserves. We are free to do what we want. I got married and had two daughters. My husband lived in the United States. I waited for him for years before joining him there.

In Nigeria, I acted in a film, Destructive Instinct, produced and directed by Theophilus Afe. I didn’t like the result, so I added my personal touch by re-editing it, interspersing sex scenes. The film was broadcast everywhere on platforms. It caused a scandal. It was a first in Nigeria: showing your naked body, in action…

“The atmosphere must remain intimate”

Everything was simulated, but the scenes were cut and uploaded to porn sites. I threatened to sue the perpetrators, but it was too late. People saw me naked, they called me “the porn star”. Sites have offered to provide them with content. There was money involved, obviously, I needed it and I had fans asking for more… I moved to the United States.

There, I created my production company. It’s called Invisible Twins. I think about women when I write my screenplays. I’m the one playing most of the time. I command men, they impose nothing on me. I also take care of the technique. The atmosphere must remain intimate so as not to intimidate the actor.

When I return to Nigeria, many people contact me to act in my films. I don’t blame them. There’s not enough work, but I can’t make everyone play! There has to be some sort of alchemy, that they make me want it. So I do a casting call and sometimes spend weeks with a man before shooting. And I also take the time to check their medical history. I am very careful!

I record most of my videos from New York, but my audience is global. The majority come from Nigeria, the rest of Africa, India, Arab countries… I don’t overproduce. I choose my pace. A company in California contacted me to offer me work for them, but I refused when the filming conditions were discussed. Some actresses have to take drugs to cope with all the cameras, the lights, three men standing in front of you with an erection. No, I won’t do that!


I want to stay the boss, stay free. I don’t depend on anyone. I just do my thing and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. But it’s demanding work. The days are crazy. I am a single mother today, and I have to take care of my daughters. And I have to be present on social networks to inspire people and create content that generates money.

Obviously, people post comments, insults, criticism. But what to answer them? I can no longer do “normal” work. Who would hire someone they saw naked? Even in the United States, people are closed-minded. I wanted to change careers, stay as a film producer, but leave the stage. I tried to join the medical field, to do training. Maybe I will become a veterinarian one day? Who might mind if I take care of animals?

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