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‘Investment’ List of dividends announced in 2022, Nigerian Stock Exchange



‘Investment’ List of dividends announced in 2022, Nigerian Stock Exchange

As audited accounts start to trickle in, companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective boards of directors.

It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect the dividend, when it will be approved, and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affects share prices.


Date announced – The date the company announced dividends, evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the Stock Exchange.

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Dividend during the year – This represents all the dividend announcements made by a company in a given year.

Total dividends – This is the summation of a company’s interim dividend (often announced in a prior year) and the final dividend announced following the publishing of a full-year annual report (after being announced in the first quarter of the year).

Qualification date – Shareholders who own shares as of this date will receive dividends. If you buy shares and want to receive dividends make sure it is at least three days before this date. Shares get transferred to you on the basis of the T+3 rule (the date you bought plus 3 working days).

Payment date – This is when the dividend will be paid to you, either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares listed in their register before this date will be paid dividends.

You can also scroll sideways to view the rest of the columns if using a mobile phone.

2022 Dividends from companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

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